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Concert Season  2018-2019

Coming Up ...

Australian Resonances: Ian Munro

With Special Guest

Australian composer & pianist Ian Munroe

6 November 2018

Camber Hall Bulgaria

... Current  Events

All Beethoven Program

14 December 2018

Camber Hall Bulgaria

All Mozart Program

27 February 2019

Camber Hall Bulgaria

With our friends videographer Victor Dimchev, composer Rumen Boyadjieff Jr., and Bulgarian traditional singer Elitsa Stoyneva, we are working on a few surprises to bring to you during our concert season and to share with you online.


We are collaborating to merge images from our uniquely beautiful Bulgaria, the power and subtlety of traditional Bulgarian singing, and the richness and expressivity of classical music to create a world that is both new and familiar in ways we hope will touch and inspire you.


Stay tuned!...

Reverberations: Vassilena Serafimova

With Special Guest Vaselina Serafimova

Marimba & vibraphone

12 May 2019

Camber Hall Bulgaria


16 June 2019

Camber Hall Bulgaria

Strauss-Schoenberg, Staynoff-Boyadjieff Jr., Schubert

Concert Season  2017-2018

Light & Soul

17 June 2018

Camber Hall Bulgaria

Dvorák & Dohnányi

With Special Guest

Poet Simeon Asparuhov

Etherial and Earthly

10 October 2017

Camber Hall Bulgaria

Mozart & Boyadjieff Jr.

Songs in Instrumental Hues

20 January 2018

Camber Hall Bulgaria

Mendelssohn, Rachmaninoff, Boyadjieff Jr., Schubert

With the paintings of artist

Valentina Popova

Inaugural Concert

A Palette of Timbres

24 June 2017

Camber Hall Bulgaria

Bruce Adolphe, David Amram, Ian Munroe, Gabriel Fauré, Rumen Boyadjieff Jr.

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