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ClassicArt String Quartet and Ensemble is a collective of enthusiastic classical musicians, dedicated to sharing our enthusiasm for the music we play with our audiences.


We perform long-beloved and never-yet-heard repertoire, create experimental and traditional events, play our acoustic instruments and explore multi-media projects.


Our invitation to our audiences: Be our collaborator in the creation of infinitely expressive sound! It is your imagination as much as ours that brings us all musical experiences we never forget.

Our story


At the beginning of it all was the human bond between two cousins – a pianist and a cellist – living across the Atlantic ocean. Playing together was for a long time a dream.


With the love and enthusiasm of a few good friends, ClassicArt String Quartet and Ensemble was born. With the support of Sofia Philharmonic, we are now in the midst of our 2017-2018 season of performances at our favorite venue, Chamber Hall Bulgaria.

We are based in Sofia, Bulgaria, and hosted by the Sofia Philharmonic. Our ensemble brings together musicians from the Sofia Philharmonic, the National Opera Orchestra, and the Bulgarian National Radio, as well as the few of us who live and work abroad but always return for many reasons, to which we now add these special concerts together.

Our common vision


… Make music among friends! And bring our love for the music we play to our audiences. We play classical music; and we play Bulgarian classical music; and we play new Bulgarian classical music. Some of the music we love is not something many people know. Our vision is to bring our music to audiences who already know and love it, and to those who don’t know they love it yet!

About our music


We create our programs around pieces we love, around ideas we want to explore, and around stories of the people who create the music we love.


With our program notes, by talking to our audiences on- and off-stage, and through multi-media projects, we want to offer our audiences a taste of the thrill playing our music brings to us: in practice, in rehearsal, and of course, on stage.


Playing our music is a gift for us, many times multiplied when we can share it with you! We hope to bring our music to you in such a way that you too can feel the thrill it brings to us, so we can create together musical experiences we all cherish and love!

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